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I also cohost a podcast called The Ensemblist.
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The Ensemblist Podcast: Mo Brady and Nikka Graff Lanzarone


The Ensemblist #21:
Spotlight On: Stage Management

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You know us for our peek behind the curtain into what-and who- makes a Broadway show. You’ve listened as we’ve interviewed ensemblists from every walk of life about every aspect of being onstage and living that Broadway dream night after night. But who keeps those ensemblists in line? Who is responsible for making sure that everyone, onstage and off, gets to their spots on time and does their jobs the same way every show?


Today on The Ensemblist, we’re going to peel that curtain back even farther- and talk to the real center of each Broadway engine- the Stage Manager. Our three guests have a wealth of experience keeping these shows up and running- from keeping their casts and crews organized to filling out tons of paperwork to teaching new cast members where to go and what to do- it is no easy task, and that’s just the beginning. 

Our Guests:

Zac Chandler

Mary Macleod
@bluebarn67 | Instagram | Q&A

Cody Renard Richard
@codyrenard​ | Instagram | Q&A

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Only children celebrate #siblingday with #selfies near cartoons of themselves drawn by friends, amirite?

You can live on a block for six years and never notice some things. Servants and trades men’s entrance.

Hello Again. Everyone should be so lucky to have a cast still on a group text three years later.

You can’t tell, but that’s @maxizpad in that huge picture in the Times. Had to sneak a photo. #soldier

NYC taxi wisdom.
“Don’t let negative and toxic people rent space in your head…raise the rent and kick them out of your way!”

This majestic creature needs no filter. He is the boss of me.

#regram from @pepamama- last night @54below with two of my faves. Two more chances to catch The Act tonight! @rachellerak

Of all the dogs that live in my building, this one is my favorite.